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Secured storage solutions for banks and postal services.

Arad Art Display provides secure post boxes, which are made of metal with added wood and plastic. Storing mail and precious documents necessitates the highest security, without fear of theft or vandalism. The public's trust in the safe arrival of shipments and documents to their destination is essential to the functioning of the bank or postal service.

Often, storage units are located outside a building and must comply with the highest security standards possible. Protection against the elements and vandalism is essential for the daily functioning of these companies and organizations.

Arad Art Display accompanies the project from start to finish – from the research and design stage, through production, and up to installation, thus guaranteeing high uncompromising quality.

Arad Art Display also provides document security products for banks and postal services: secured envelopes and bags, substances used to identify the opening of envelopes and documents, security tapes and more.

Art Postal

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