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The mechanical lock for fire hydrants, 'Little Red Riding Hood', provides a simple and effective solution for protecting and operating fire hydrants. 'Little Red Riding Hood' is effective in emergencies, while at the same time protects the hydrants themselves and the municipal water grid, against water thefts and security risks in peaceful times.
Following the increase in water prices, water thefts using fire hydrants have become prevalent. Not only does the theft cause financial damage, but an unauthorized connection to the water grid may, intentionally or unintentionally, lead to regional pollution and poisoning of the water. The Little Red Riding Hood system prevents such an option and protects the water.
Past attempts have been made to lock fire hydrants, but they interfered with the firefighters' rapid response; the Little Red Riding Hood mechanical lock system solves theft and pollution problems in an organized and effective way. One unified lock, easy to operate, which allows easy access for the firefighters without any danger of misuse by unauthorized bodies.

RedCap System
RedCap System – a technological solution for supervision, control, location and prevention of water theft. The system provides the best solution in the fire hydrant protection and operation field, while using advanced technologies to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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Arad Art Display - Realizing Ideas 2014